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  • 7-7 Nazgul

    Nightmare Cleansed!

    26 October 2016, by

    Xavius is now dead and Nazgul have achieved 7/7 Mythic whilst maintaining a top 20 Oceanic Ranking as well as Realm First for Khaz’goroth/Dath’remar Well done everyone and see you all in The Nighthold!

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  • blogpic

    Archimonde Dead Tier Over!

    23 November 2015, by

    Archimonde is down! Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic result this tier. We look forward to the next 9 months of farming and trialing. We are now OPEN for all recruitment, Apply Today! Videos to come shortly!

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  • 1213graphic

    Mannoroth Down 12/13!

    5 November 2015, by

    Mannoroth has been defeated! We now move onto Archimonde and are looking forward to the challenge! Here’s a video from Naturals PoV-

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  • PVE Sales

    Nazgul PVE Sales!

    14 October 2015, by

    Nazgul has a variety¬†of PVE Carries we are currently selling! Fancy a new Mount, we can Help! Fancy a new Weapon Transmog, we can Help! Fancy a higher iLvl, we can Help! Follow this Link¬†to our sales page for all the Info!  

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  • 1113small

    11/13 Mythic- Hellfire Citadel...

    14 October 2015, by

    Nazgul started off with a bang in 6.2! Building from our positive Tier 17 results, Nazgul entered HFC with expectations of steady improvement! With recruitment strong, adding to our already skilled player base Nazgul, has managed to solidify itself in the Top 20 Oceanic Guilds. We now work towards finishing off the Tier with a Mannoroth and Archimo...

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