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    This is where the fun begins

    24 February 2017, by

    On the 23rd of Feb Nazgul saw the death of Tichondrius which means we are now coming up to the meaty part of progression. Our recruitment is still open to Tanks/1x Resto Shaman/Rogue + Warrior DPS If you are interested please feel free to add Vaydren#1806 for a chat!

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  • Botanist Thumbnail

    Half way through Nighthold

    16 February 2017, by

    On the 12th of February Nazgul landed the kill on High Botanist marking the half way point in our progression for Nighthold.

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  • Trilliax Thumbnail

    Entering the Nighthold

    3 February 2017, by

    With Nighthold upon us Nazgul has continued to be a threat in the Oceanic raiding scene with 3/10 being completed in the first week of mythic. With the second week we had some terrible news that one of our officers Damngurl (Dg) had to step away due to RL commitments. We wish him all the best for the future. This...

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  • Guarm Thumbnail

    Trials Complete (Almost)

    3 February 2017, by

    Nazgul was very successful throughout ToV landing an Oceanic 10th Kill on Odyn and an Oceanic 12th kill on Guarm. Due to the Christmas upon us and Nighthold on the horizon we decided to take a break for the holidays and focus on gearing towards Nighthold so a Helya kill is still yet to come but stay tuned.

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  • 7-7 Nazgul

    Nightmare Cleansed!

    26 October 2016, by

    Xavius is now dead and Nazgul have achieved 7/7 Mythic whilst maintaining a top 20 Oceanic Ranking as well as Realm First for Khaz’goroth/Dath’remar Well done everyone and see you all in The Nighthold!

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  • blogpic

    Archimonde Dead Tier Over!

    23 November 2015, by

    Archimonde is down! Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic result this tier. We look forward to the next 9 months of farming and trialing. We are now OPEN for all recruitment, Apply Today! Videos to come shortly!

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