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9/10/17 <Nazgul> secured our first Mythic Kil’Jaeden kill and setting a personal best for the tier finishing Oceanic 9th and World 175th. I massive improvement on last tier and continues our steady progression up the Oceanic ranks. While this was a massive achievement for the guild full credit goes to all the members that chipped in throughout the tier. Safe to say this was the toughest tier to date for the guild with members getting burnt out all the way up until KJ and even losing one of our tanks during the fight but goes to show how strong this guild is!

Extremely proud of the team especially considering we don’t extend hours or do split clears. Special shout out goes to Magic and Myth for leading the team into the Tomb and to the members that played their alts to make our comps stronger!

Bring on Argus and the burning throne!

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