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About Nazgul

is an Austalian semi hardcore raiding guild focused on achieving the best possible Oceanic rank whilst also maintaining a solid and enjoyable environment. Nazgul was formed in 2004 on US-Proudmoure and still maintains some of its Vanilla core today! Having seen the addition of Oceanic Servers we have relocated to OCE-Khaz’goroth. We have been clearing all content since the beginning from MC all the way up to HFC Mythic in which we reached Oceanic 13th (without changing/adding raid hours). With the Legion on it’s way once again we aim to continue our improvement throughout the Oceanic raiding scene with our goal to hit the top 10 by the end of the Expac.

We pride ourselves on maintaining endgame content without going overboard with raiding hours and stressful raids. Our goal is simple, clear content asap while still enjoying it.

For more information please visit our Recruitment page.