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    Legion over!

    12 February 2018 , by Vay

    On the 5th of February <Nazgul> achieved their first Mythic Argus kill. This kill was a very important kill for many reasons, the first being that it destroyed any expectations the Officer core had. The second being that it would be the last kill for one of our most important members Mythi aka Myth as he will be moving onto... Read more

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    An Empty Tomb

    10 October 2017 , by Vay

    9/10/17 <Nazgul> secured our first Mythic Kil’Jaeden kill and setting a personal best for the tier finishing Oceanic 9th and World 175th. I massive improvement on last tier and continues our steady progression up the Oceanic ranks. While this was a massive achievement for the guild full credit goes to all the members that chipped in thr... Read more

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    Moving Through The Tomb

    24 July 2017 , by Vay

    With ToS Mythic opening <Nazgul> continued our progress up the Oceanic ranks and saw the Oceanic 8th kill on Mistress Sassz’ine. I feat that we are all proud of considering the adversity we have showed with an almost completely new healing team. As always we continue to pull this off without extending hours or doing split clears which i... Read more

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    Gul’dan Dead and guild g...

    14 June 2017 , by Vay

    On April the 24th saw the death of Gul’dan and completing our expansion goal of breaking into the Oceanic top 10. Not only did we achieve this but we did it without extending hours or using split clears which is something we take great pride in. A special thanks goes to all the members past and present with the first... Read more