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Hello members of Khaz/Dath!

With Argus dead and BFA not out for a few more months <Nazgul> will be opening up some sale spots for both AtBT Mythic/Heroic and the Guldan Mount.

All loot is on Personal apart from Argus, all loot from Argus is yours apart from Titanforged loot (+15 ilvls).

Should you want to purchase a carry please select what type of carry you would like from the price list down below, please be aware that we only take gold as a payment method. If you are from another server please contact Magic (magic#1314) to make an arrangement (this is only for Mythic Antorus sales. We only accept gold on Khaz’goroth Horde for all of our other carries).

Once you have selected the carry you would like please contact either myself or magic (bnets can be found above). In doing so you have agreed to the following:

1) A 10% deposit must be paid once a date/time has been booked
2) The full payment must be paid before the first boss of the instance is pulled (if you are buying a full carry) or before the individual boss is pulled that you are getting carried for.
3) Show up to the carry. Mythic Carries are on Thursday Nights from 7:30pm Server Time (We suggest being online at 7pm to get an invite. Guldan Mount Sales are on Sunday nights from 7:30pm Server (pst Vaydren for more info)

Mythic Antorus Price List:

Mythic Antorus Price List:

Light’s Breach
Garothi Worldbreaker – 100K
Felhounds of Sargeras – 150K
Antoran High Command – 250K

Forbidden Descent
Portal Keeper Hasabel – 300K
The Defense of Eonar – 200K
Imonar the Soulhunter – 450K

Hope’s End
Kin’garoth – 600K
Varimathras – 650K
The Coven of Shivarra – 650K

Seat of the Pantheon
Aggramar – 1M
Argus WITHOUT MOUNT – 3M | Includes Title: “Titanslayer”
*Currently Unavailable* Argus the Unmaker – 6M | Includes the mount: Shackled Ur’zul & the Title: “Titanslayer”

Full Clear WITHOUT Mount – 7M

Guldan Mount Price – 1mil (Horde Khaz’goroth Gold Only)

To enquire about a carry please contact Magic (magic#1314)!

<Nazgul> are also selling mythic plus carries for your characters anywhere from 15-23!
As some of the top mythic plus players in the US, we will take you through either your key or one of our own keys and finish the dungeon in time!
+15 – 200k
+20 – 450k
+23 or higher – 600k (This is negotiable depending on your current gear or experience)
For more information contact: Meq#11923, Thinking#11312 or Magic#1314